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The 2WS Group

2wardsustainability was first founded in 2011 by a team of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists who are called to serve the most disadvantage people in our society - by serving social services agencies and helping small and medium enterprises to flourish.

Over the years, 2wardsustainability has expanded to what is known as the 2WS Group today.​ We have grown our expertise to provide a wider range of solutions to a broader group of clients, including multinational corporations, fortune 500 companies, and government agencies.

Our purpose and calling, however, remains the same: To help businesses create sustainable competitive advantage and achieve sustainable growth with the least amount of resources through our core competencies and unique differentiators.

Our Teams
Organizational Neuroscience
Organizational Neuroscience

We are a team of psychologists or neuroscientists whose specialization is in entrepreneurial neuroscience and entrepreneurship psychology. That is, the study of the brain, how the brain influences the mind, and how the brain/mind may be renewed for greater creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

We are a team of industrial-organizational psychologists or neuroscientists whose specialization is in organizational neuroscience and neuroeconomics. We apply thought leadership and a multi-disciplinary approach to accelerate decision making towards entrepreneurial behavior and action within teams and organizations.

Coaching and Mentoring Asia

We are a team of cognitive psychologists or behavioral scientists whose specialization is in NeuroEnhancement and learning neuroscience. We adopt microlearning and mobile learning technologies to drastically improve individuals' ability to learn and apply new skills for a heightened entrepreneurial business environment.

We are a team of seasoned coaches and facilitators whose method of working typically involves creating innovative approaches tailored to the requirements of each client. Our bespoke programs are thoughtfully designed, systematically managed, and significantly contributing to the strategic drivers of your business objectives.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email, or simply drop us a note.

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