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Opportune time to reinvent ourselves

Every day, what we knew as normal before COVID-19 fades away, and we find ourselves in a transitional space where we cope with the crisis day by day, wondering what we will be doing when the next normal arrives.

Coaching and Mentoring Asia (CMA) shares from a human-centered perspective how COVID-19 is challenging and changing our lives and livelihoods. While the transition to quarantine life may have been rapid and shocking, the emergence from it can be slow and cautious. So what does this mean for individuals, families, businesses, communities, and the society?

What opportunities lie ahead as we reflect on emerging behaviors that might stick in the long run, and chart our path to the next normal instead of waiting for things to happen. How can we thrive as coaching psychologists and in so doing, give our clients hope and courage to do the same?

#CoachingandMentoringAsia #CoachingPsychology #PositivePsychology

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